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And the players

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Ok lets focus on Mchale. I think he got a really raw deal but that’s not a new take in the slightest. But when you are affected by it deeper why did he get a raw deal? First of all the obvious answer is that they made the Western Conference Finals last year, Which is beyond they have made it since their Championship runs in the 90′s. Then 11 video clip games into this season, examples of these are 4 7. that can be a isn’t a terrible record, Its not much like the team that ended the season as the second seed in the west. Now lets go deeper into it. at first, They have lost to 3 Eastern discussion teams, Where the East is rated to be much weaker than the West. the fact is, The East is way better this year and team like the Knicks who have seemingly been bad the past few seasons are starting to surprise teams. in addition,as well as, how they lost hurt Mchale. Lets look farther again. First game of the summer season losing by 20 to the Denver Nuggets, locally, A team people thought we would be one of the worst teams in the West. But it isn’t. They have a new coach and are definitely better. Then two games later they decide to beat the OKC Thunder with Durant and Westbrook, And everyone says either the team we knew we had in Houston, There is the actual possibility. But its not. Darryl Morey is a stats and business results guy, but last year was the outlier.

is why. first start with the record. The Rockets carried out with the two seed but finished tied with the clippers, And one game prior to Memphis and San Antonio. And it came down to the last game of the off the shelf season. Houston has been as low as the 6 seed had things fallen differently last year. Had that happened I teach they would have been out in the first round of the playoffs, And I believe Mchale would still have his job as deliverables would not have been as high. Then after guys in your wedding 2 seed, They played an old and dysfunctional Mavericks team that led to falling apart. Rondo went from starting to not even being part of the team during the series! After defeating them, They faced a Clippers team that was far finer quality than them. The Clippers ashamed them be 30 points twice in the series, And absolutely choked the assortment away. The thing about the playoffs is that advise hard to win on the road, chiefly later in a series. the home team gets all the 50/50 calls, Shoots considerably more free throws, and of course has the fuel of the crowd behind them. So while the Clippers take a 3 1 lead, The Clippers still simply have one home game to seal it up. Games 5 and 7 weren’t that close as Houston hit everything in both games. But the trimmers did choke. Houston had no business winning the series and that was proven over the following round when again they were embarrassed the entire series.

So now lets look at the teams last year and this year. Yes the West was strong last year but it was also very top heavy. The top 7 teams won 50 games and all of us says wow the West is so strong. But lets not forget how bad the East was and how bad the bottom of the West was as well. Only 3 teams at the East won 50 games, And most likely the Bulls, Who were the 3 seed had been the 7 seed in the West. So dallas, tx, Who end as the 7 seed, Had the same record as the Bulls meaning only two teams in a little something conference had a better record than them. Meaning teams like the Rockets could pick on those teams and win lots of games giving them the perception of being a great team. Then you see the West and you see the bottom 6 teams with all less that 40 wins. can be earning,don’t forget those 6 teams played all those bad East teams as well. So what we saw last year was two tiers of NBA power. You had the top 6 teams under western culture and the Cavs and Hawks in the East on one level, And you had all others who was significantly worse. Add that to teams like the Spurs and Hawks who repeatedly throw games away so starters can rest, Throw in Lebron being out for significant time and it is clear a team like Houston, Who takes benefit of bad teams, Compiling a record better than who they were.

andf the other final thing. that off season. Seemingly everyone improved, including the Rockets. Except they did not. Durant has returned, And they were given a new coach. The Warriors are hungry. The Spurs bundled Aldridge. The clippers added Stephenson. Memphis excessive Barnes. Rockets new instruct. mn good new rookies. It gave the look of everyone took big steps forward in the west and when the Rockets started slow, The panic tab was hit.

Now how bout Mchale. Mchale coached in Minnesota for a couple years and he coached in Houston for a couple years before they started chucking 3′s every wardrobe. Do I think Mchale was going to run this “routine” Where they shoot 30 3′s a sport? my prediction is no. Why did he do after that it? Because the GM told h

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