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Nokia Lumia 630 Review

One of the three newest Lumia devices to run on the latest Windows Phone 8.1, the Nokia Lumia 630 was launched together with its twin- the Nokia Lumia 635 and the 2014 flagship, which is the Lumia 930. Coming onboard with the latest software, can the Lumia 630 be the best mid-range phone in the market today?
Build and Design
If you want a compact, adorable, and affordable phone, the Lumia 630 would be a perfect candidate. It comes in a range of hues with removable back cover that is constructed of plastic. It may not feel sturdy, but it’s absolutely better than other phones within the same price range. The Lumia 630 is available in black, white, plus more vibrant colours of green, orange, and yellow.
The 630 is almost identical to its 4G version, known as the Lumia 635, except that the former has a matte finish while the latter’s is glossy. It’s actually convenient that the two has the same measurements, because you can easily swap the back casing for whichever type of finish you prefer.
The display is a 4.5-inch screen with a 854 x 480 resolution. Obviously, you wouldn’t expect that much given these numbers, but it’s one of the downfalls for having a budget-phone.
Hardware and Storage
The device runs on a quad-core Snapdragon 400 chip clocked at 1.2GHz, and is backed up by 512MB of RAM. There’s nothing spectacular about these numbers, but are pretty decent enough to run a Windows Phone system efficiently. There’s an 8GB of internal storage, plus a microSD card slot for memory expansion.
The 630 carries the same 5-MP camera as the one found in its predecessors the Lumia 520 and 620. One major disappointment would be the absence of a front camera, which Nokia aims to make up for by introducing a whole new camera app. Still, it simply wasn’t capable of producing exceptional photos.

  • Budget friendly
  • Range of attractive colours
  • Latest Microsoft OS
  • Expandable memory
  • Compact size


  • Does not have a good camera
  • Made of plastic body
  • Windows phone may still have limited apps

The Verdict
If you’re looking for a phone that fits your wallet and your pocket, the Lumia 630 is something worth considering. The cute colour variants may appeal to many users, especially those who get bored with the typical black and white units offered in other handsets. It might not look or feel premium as other Lumia models such as the 920, but it definitely isn’t cheap looking either.
However, if you’re after luxury, power, stunning camera, and everything else that is top-of-the-line, this is not something you’d want to take a second look at. However, be ready to splurge on flagship devices if those are the qualities you’re looking for in your new handset. Still, for those who are thinking of spending their cash on the 630, it’s fair to say that you’ll get what you paid for.