Saving Money on Mobile Contracts

Mobile contracts seem to be getting more and more expensive every day. If your mobile bill is too expensive, there are several things you can do to start saving money. Whether you already have a contract and you just want to make it cheaper, or if you are looking for a new contract but don't want to spend too much money, hopefully the advice below will help you out.

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Welcome to NoCreditPhones, your number one partner in finding the best and most affordable mobile phone contracts. Most importantly, the contracts we offer suit any type of credit, so you need not worry about rejection. Just fill out our online form for FREE and we’ll help you find the right contract phone for your needs and budget!

In this day and age, living without a mobile phone is simply unimaginable. It has by far become the quickest and most efficient means of communication, thanks to mobile apps that took the built-in messaging and call functionalities to the next level.The big question is, are you getting the most out of your mobile phone? If you haven’t explored the coolest features of your device yet simply because you don’t have enough credits and data to support all the activities that you enjoy, then you’re missing out a lot on what your handset has to offer. More importantly, you are missing out on the big savings that you could possibly get if you are using your gadget under a contract agreement. If you haven’t tried applying for a phone contract, or worse, have gotten rejected before because of poor credit, NoCreditPhones is here to help!

Who We Are?

NoCreditPhones compiles all the contract phone offers from UK’s major mobile providers such as Virgin, Three, EE, O2, and Vodafone. We have access to different phones at varying rates and different application criteria that suits every type of credit.

Benefits of a Phone Contract

Surely, there are some situations wherein you’ll be better off with PAYG, but if you’ve been topping up on credits too frequently, chances are you are paying much more than you would have to if you were on a mobile phone contract.

One good reason to switch from PAYG to a contract is the lower monthly tariffs. This means you can use about twice as much of your PAYG credits for almost half the price. You can also be eligible for more discounts or freebies the longer you are with the network, especially when you have members of the family in the same plan.

Aside from that, a mobile contract allows you to obtain the phone of your choice without having to pay for the full price. This can be particularly appreciated when the phone you want is pretty pricey and you don’t have enough to pay for it in cash.

If you’re a first-time contract applicant, it might be hard to know where to start, especially if you’re not that confident with your credit, but by following these tips, you can easily improve your chances of getting accepted for a contract phone.

Registering on the Electoral Roll

The newer and the more expensive gadgets have the highest risks for the provider, and most often they are only granted to those applicants with stellar credit ratings. If you are not too particular with your device and you just want a decent, working mobile, consider applying for cheaper phones instead to better your chances.Consider Sim-Only Contracts

Though they may still involve traditional credit checks, sim-only plans are generally easier to qualify for than a regular mobile contract simply because a free handset is not given away. This means less impact and less risk on the provider’s part even if you stop making payments.

Sim-only deals can provide the same benefits with a regular contract except for the handset. In fact, you can get cheaper service rates. Many sim-only plans include call minutes, texts, and data that are twice as much as a regular contract, but for only half the price.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of being a postpaid subscriber but hate long-term commitments, then a sim-only contract is perfect for you. The terms are very flexible, and you can opt to renew your contract every one, three, six, or twelve months.

Applying for a Cheap Handset

No one wants to live with a cheap handset, but if a contract is merely what you’re after, then it’s a sacrifice you must be willing to make, and one that is surely worth it. When you apply for a low-cost phone, your chances to qualify are better compared to applying for a premium handset. This is because high-end gadgets require an impressive credit rating for anyone to become eligible, due to the high cost the network will have to cover to offer you the contract.

Don’t feel bad if you won’t be able to obtain your first-choice device while you’re still on the process of credit repair. After all, you can always upgrade to your chosen phone as soon as you’ve proven your worth. For the meantime, you can either deal with a low-end handset or buy your desired model outright from retailers.

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Providing a Security Deposit

A security deposit essentially covers some or most of the phone’s cost, thus reducing the risk to the provider you’re getting the contract from. It can also help reduce your monthly payments when most of the handset’s cost is already paid. Providing a substantial amount of deposit, depending on your chosen handset can boost the network’s confidence in granting your application for contract.

Applying for a Sim-Only Contract

The term speaks for itself- a sim-only deal is a contract without a phone included. Thus, you get the same benefits of a postpaid service such as lower tariffs, bonus credits, and the no need for top ups. Unlike a regular contract though, you don’t need to tie yourself for a whole 18 to 14 months with one provider. Opting for a contract is a flexible and affordable way to use your mobile device. If you are unsure of how much it takes to get one, feel free to use our site’s tool and resources to help you search for the best offer.